The Origins of RRIM


Rapid Response Investment Management was founded by Mike Henry who had been involved in the insulation industry for over 30 years.



Back in the early 1980’s Mike formed a research and development company to produce one of the first bonded bead systems of cavity wall insulation.


An expanded polystyrene manufacturing plant was designed and built to produce the product for the system.


A nationwide network of installers was trained, approved and licensed resulting in the system being installed in more than a million homes.


A variety of consultancy work has since been undertaken.


  • Developing light weight foam concrete, for a major ready-mix concrete company, which was used to fill trenches dug by public utilities for the laying of pipes and cables.
  • A consultant fot the British Wool Marketing Board, to assist in the manufacturing process, testing and approval of a loft insulation product using sheeps wool.
  • Undertaking a research project for the Welsh Assembly on recycling and composting of animal food waste to enable them to propare to meet EU regulations on the reduction of land fill sites.
  • Engaged by a major insulation company to develop a new higly thermally efficient bonded bead system of cavity wall insulation for which an Agrement Certificate was awarded.
  • Approved consultant for Business Link in Worcester, handling their funding for the design and installtion of a polystyrene bead manufacturing plant for a major insulation company.
  • Hosted a delegation of Spanish ministers from the Catalan gorvernment, who are interested in forming an association with the UK insulation market to use a bonded system of cavity wall insulation in Spain.

In these fomative years Mike Established an ethos within the company that continues to this day:


“Excellence is our standard performance”





                                                     Who Are We.....Now

Today, the Rapid Response Team is headed by Kevin O’Neill, who has over 40 years of management experience in a diverse range of industries: Catering, Foundry, Marketing, Retail and Insulation.



Kevin has spent the last 20 years in the insulation industry where his technical marketing and development abilities have been rewarded with directorships.   On each occasion the companies involved dealt with numerous agencies, local authorities and government departments.   This required controlling budgets of several millions of pounds whilst ensuring the highest of standards of service to both the grant supplier and the recipients.


Kevin also sat on the board of directors for the Worcestershire “Welcome to our Future” programme, under agenda 21.   This involved administering grant assistance through the landfill tax scheme, to a diverse range of local projects.


Whilst he was chairman of a countywide local authority HECA forum, he was instrumental in preparing and winning EST grant funding.   This was used to create the “Worcestershire Echo”, one of the very first energy awareness newspapers, which would be distributed across the entire county.


As a “people person”, Kevin championed the successful introduction of the Investors in People programme in two companies. He introduced, developed and implemented NVQ training for Technicians and Surveyor, whilst achieving both Assessor and Verifier status himself.


He also worked closely on the research and development of specialist installation equipment.


As a consultant on Retrofit for the future with Nottingham   University, involving all aspects of insulation, heating and energy conservation  BEYOND the general accepted practices. He was able to assist with the successful bid for funding and the implementation of such measures.  


Under his control the company continues to proudly uphold the ethos established by our founder



“Excellence is our standard performance”

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for a greener tomorrow
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